Awesome!Jakeverse AUs

Because both of us are fond of wondering “what if?”, we’ve also created some “fork in the road” alternate universes (AUs) for Awesome!Jakeverse. Quite a few of these were written in response to prompts from the cliché bingo challenge at livejournal.

Set a few months after the end of Season 2. When Jake and Stanley investigate a mysterious object that crash lands on Stanley’s farm, the experience changes them—literally. Within the space of a few minutes, a biological agent released by the object—a malfunctioning missile sent by the ASA that was supposed to blanket the whole town—causes all life in the immediate vicinity to turn female, including Jake and Stanley. Jake and Stanley must deal with the impact of the change—as must the people around them.

If Y = X then…. (Tanaqui) – 1,875 words – Summer 2007
Not So Different (Scribbler) – 1,400 words – Summer 2007
Fertile Ground (Tanaqui) – 17,755 words – Summer 2007 – Spring 2008

This was inspired by Richard Speight Jr playing both Deputy Bill in Jericho and the Trickster/Archangel Gabriel in Supernatural.

Set a month after the events in Devil’s Due. Jake has finally acknowledged and acted on his feelings for Heather when the Archangel Gabriel—using Bill as his vessel—pitches up in Jericho and explains that the apocalypse isn’t supposed to happen like this. He offers to send a volunteer back in time to prevent the September attacks. Of course, whenever Jericho needs a volunteer, there’s only one person it turns to….

Times Like These (Scribbler) – 1,948 words
A Brand New Sky To Hang The Stars Upon (Scribbler) – 1,647 words
New Day Rising (Tanaqui) – 15,970 words
(Follows You) Back Home (Tanaqui) – 20,910 words
A Little Divided (Tanaqui) – 29,580 words

The Loomer Ridge ‘verse
In this darkfic AU to Devil’s Due Jake and Beck are captured up by one of Hoffman’s patrols. After they persuade Hoffman to rescue Heather from Constantino’s clutches, the three of them are sent to Loomer Ridge prison. There, the ASA tries to persuade them to co-operate in ending the resistance and turning over Hawkins. And they run into Valente, who seems determined to break them….

Honor Bound (Tanaqui) – 45,820 words

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