Inspired by a discussion when reading the first draft of Scribbler's When Two Rights Make A Wrong.

Final Destination

“We’re re-prioritizing.” Colonel Hoffman nodded toward the table; Chavez, maintaining the masquerade he’d kept up the last few weeks, joined Hoffman’s officers as Lieutenant Goodman unrolled a map. “Heard about a border skirmish going on. Intel says there’s a terror suspect in the area. We’re to….”

The rest of Hoffman’s orders washed over Chavez as a familiar network of roads and rivers was spread before him. “Jericho,” he mouthed silently. The rally point he’d been aiming for for months—and now the Army was taking him right there.

“Questions?” Hoffman had finished his briefing.

Chavez jerked his head sharply. “What do we know about this terror suspect?” Given the lies Cheyenne was telling—Iran and North Korea might be culpable of many things, but the attacks weren’t among them—just who did Hoffman’s bosses think were the terrorists now? Because Chavez could think of a few people who ought to be in Jericho already, and he was no longer sure of their loyalties.

“Not much.” Hoffman shrugged. “Likely we’ll hear more when we’ve secured the area.”

What am I walking in to? Chavez wondered, following Hoffman and the others outside. Who am I going to find? And who are they taking orders from?

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  1. Shadowflame
    Posted August 19, 2012 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    Hah, a nice tidbit of background! 🙂

    Yeah… who is he going to find there???? 😉

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