Ratings & Tags

Ratings | Tags

Stories are rated using a three-tiered system. All ratings are determined using our local cultural values for what is or is not appropriate for a certain age. These values may differ from your own.

General audiences
These stories contain no objectionable content and are safe for all age levels.

Teen audiences
These stories may contain mild objectionable content or stronger themes. They are inappropriate for young children but appropriate for teenagers.

Adult audiences
These stories will contain content not suited for younger readers and deal with adult themes like sex and/or violence. A specific rating warning is issued upon accessing these stories. Reader discretion advised.

All stories are tagged with multiple tags. This allows readers to quickly list all stories of a particular character, genre or length they might be interested in.

Note that not all tags listed below may be in use. Note also that the list may be extended in the future.

Character: lists the main characters featured in the story. Will often be the main characters of the fandom.

  • OCs: characters that don’t exist in canon.

Pairing: characters that are romantically or sexually involved with each other in the story

Rating: please also see the Ratings Guide

  • General: all audiences
  • Teen: not appropriate for young children
  • Adult: mature audiences only


  • AU: set in a universe different from canon.
  • Crossover: mixes characters, settings and/or events from other canons with the current canon
  • Futurefic: set sometime in the future
  • Pre-series: set before the time line of the series
  • Season #: marks the season

Story length:

  • Drabble: exactly 100 words, not counting the title
  • Short-short: between 100 – 2.000 words in length
  • Short story: 2.000 – 15.000 words
  • Novella: 15.000 – 50.000 words
  • Novel: over 50.000 words