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This site houses fanfiction written by Scribbler and Tanaqui for the TV show Jericho.  We have written stories in a number of different series which span several universes.

This is our version of “Season 3” and what happened in Jericho after the credits rolled at the end of “Patriots and Tyrants”.

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The Awesome!Jakeverse AUs

Set a few months after the end of Season 2. When Jake and Stanley investigate a mysterious object that crash lands on Stanley’s farm, the experience changes them—literally.

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The apocalypse wasn’t supposed to happen like this….

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The Loomer Ridge ‘verse
In this darkfic AU to Devil’s Due, Jake and Beck are captured by one of Hoffman’s patrols.

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Alter Ego (Scribbler) – 1,200 words

Canon AUs

Slavefic AU
Branching off from canon in episode 1.13 Black Jack. When Jake is kidnapped by slavers shortly after arriving at Black Jack, Heather must pose as a buyer to get him back.

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Historical AU
Set in 1855. At a time of turmoil in the Kansas Territory, with pro-slavery and free-state settlers clashing violently, Jake Green unexpectedly arrives back at the home of his estranged family in the frontier town of Jericho.

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Jake/Beck. In a world where the bombs don’t go off, Jake leaves Jericho and keeps running—from Ravenwood, Agent Hicks, and the disapproval of his own family. When Hicks destroys Jake’s identity by invalidating his social security number in an attempt to flush him out, Jake’s life spirals even further downward. Until, on a cold autumn evening in Rochester, NY, a stranger in a bar makes him an offer he thinks he should refuse.

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Puzzling It Out (Tanaqui) – 1,000 words – Black Jack
Not In Kansas Any More (Tanaqui) – 1,050 words – Spring 2007 (Crossover with Supernatural)
Ace In The Hole (Scribbler) – 1,400 words – Spring 2006 (Crossover with Supernatural)
Body Heat (Scribbler) – 2,700 words – Heart of Winter

Dangerous Liaisons (Tanaqui) – 1,440 words – Late 1850’s (Historical AU)
No Quarter (Scribbler) – 2,800 words – One If By Land (Darkfic AU)
Borderland (Tanaqui) – 21,600 words – Roman Britain AD63 (Historical AU/fusion with the works of British author Rosemary Sutcliff)
Through The Ashes (Scribbler) – 138,000 words – The Day Before (What-if AU)