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Canon AUs

We have several canon AU ‘verses.

Jake/Beck. In a world where the bombs don’t go off, Jake leaves Jericho and keeps running—from Ravenwood, Agent Hicks, and the disapproval of his own family. When Hicks destroys Jake’s identity by invalidating his social security number in an attempt to flush him out, Jake’s life spirals even further downward. Until, on a cold autumn evening in Rochester, NY, a stranger in a bar makes him an offer he thinks he should refuse.

The first story in this ‘verse was written by Scribbler for the cliché bingo prompt “hooker!verse” and Tanaqui is responsible for suggesting that Beck should be the client. We then became fascinated with further exploring the scenario and relationship we’d created.

Unforeseen Consequences (Scribbler) – 78,000 words – October 2013
Unexpected Outcomes (Tanaqui) – 1,900 words – November 2013
Unplanned Developments (Scribbler) – 1,100 words – December

Slavefic AU
Jake/Heather. Branching off from canon in episode 1.13 Black Jack. Jake is kidnapped by slavers shortly after arriving at Black Jack. When Heather masquerades as a widowed farmer’s wife in order to be able to buy him back without raising the slavers’ suspicions, the two of them are forced to confront their feelings for each other.

The Unexpected Mistress (Tanaqui) – 12,325 words – Black Jack
Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady (Scribbler) – 1,900 words – Reconstruction

Historical AU
Jake/Heather. Set in 1855. At a time of turmoil in the Kansas Territory, with pro-slavery and free-state settlers clashing violently, Jake Green unexpectedly arrives back at the home of his estranged family in the frontier town of Jericho. On the run from trouble further West, he is planning to pay only a brief visit to claim the inheritance left to him by his grandfather, but finds himself drawn in to staying to defend the town from the escalating violence. Amid the fighting, and as the danger increases, he finds himself growing closer to one of the new settlers, a schoolteacher called Heather Lisinski. Meanwhile, he crosses paths with Robert Hawkins, who claims to be a trading agent for an Ohio factory owner, but who seems to have an agenda of his own….

Warning: some period-appropriate attitudes and language

Manifest Destiny (Tanaqui) – 29,200 words – Season 1

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