Written for a prompt at the fic-promptly comm: Big Shoes

The man he was born to be

Jake’s stepped into his father’s shoes once already. Dad’s death was still raw, then, and it was a matter of instinct and survival, of necessity: who else was there to shoulder the responsibility and keep the town safe?

Now, he realizes, Beck is asking him to step into his father’s shoes a second time: to be the one who keeps a cool head when all around are losing theirs. The irony isn’t lost on him; if Dad could see him, he’d be chuckling, too.

They’re big shoes to fill, but Dad would expect him to try—and expect him to succeed.

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  1. Shadowflame
    Posted November 2, 2013 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

    so true!

    I think he always feared to have to step in his fathers shoes… so he got a rebel…

    But in the end he was the man he was born to be… and his father would have been so proud… 🙂

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