Author notes: Thanks to Scribbler for the suggested tweaks to a few words, and for the original plotbunny that, via a convoluted route, prompted this.


“I thought you were bringing your mechanic.” A puzzled frown settled on the face of the Air Tractor’s owner.

Jake felt Heather’s hand tighten on his, but a glance showed him she’d managed to keep her expression neutral. He nodded his head at her. “I have. This is Heather Lisinski. Best mechanic I know.”

“Hmmph.” The owner looked skeptical, but opened the engine cover willingly enough when Heather asked.

Joining Jake as he watched her examine the engine and throw out the occasional question, the guy couldn’t help remark, “You really trust her?”

Jake laughed. “With my life? Hell, yeah.”

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  1. matty raincloud
    Posted March 20, 2010 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Hell, yeah! i loved this story! keep them coming please. thank you matty

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